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    Problem Install ORE WIN32 client and supporting package zips for R 2.15.1

      I have installed R 2.15.1 on windows machine. Then I followed instruction for ORE 1.3 for windows install. The client and supporting packages for ORE zip files were downloaded and unzipped. The problem is the file structure of the ORE zip files is not in CRAN form, whereas the ORE 1.1 packages are in CRAN form. So the install instructions to install.packages() does not execute because the CRAN folders are not present and also the PACKAGE files are missing from ORE 1.3.

      Is this a known problem? Should I install using RGUI or does this indicate that ORE 1.3 is not ready and I should install ORE 1.1 with R 2.13??