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    Help needed with accessing the OCP Training material


      I have been a regular follower and almost a disciple of these Oracle Forums all through the years since I started working with Oracle 8i. My experiences have always been so pleasant working with all the knowledgeable folks here. Never would I have even a hint of a doubt or complaints in my mind about working with this super team.

      However, like all good things come to and end, I am getting that feeling everyday now-a-days while trying to get my training package with the Oracle University. Let me describe my situation:

      I completed the Oracle 11g OCA certification (including 1z0-051 and 052) in the 2n week of Dec'12 and decided to pursue the OCP stage. Since OCP also requires me either to get an On Demand training, a Virtual class or an classroom course, I decided to take the On Demand training since it would fit best with my schedule.

      While speaking to an Oracle University rep about the trainings, she suggested to me that i could take the Discount package which would contain everything i needed for the 1Z0-053 test. So, I placed the order online, no response (no acknowledgement, no emails) for 2 straight days, called up the Oracle University and the guy tells me my approval process is in progress, and I would need to wait. Another week passed, no further communication, so I called up again, and this time the rep tells me my order was canceled because they did not retain the credit card info. The lady kept telling me repeatedly that she tried to contact me, but I can bet on that because I had not seen a single missed call or a voice mail from any of them.

      Okay, so my order was resubmitted again. This time, i waited for 2 more days before calling them and then placed the call. The rep told me my order was already approved and that i should receive the package details within a day or two. Another week passed by, but not a single email from them.
      So this time I called up, and fortunately for me was answered by a much more helpful lady. She told me she will escalate my issue and get it done at the earliest. Until the last week, I was so hopeful I was almost on the verge of getting it, and again I get that call today that the portal to accept new requests is down, and that my order was cancelled again because they tried to put the bill against the name of my company where I am working as a contractor (although I was paying the whole amount myself on my credit card). So maybe my order got caught in the politics within the organization and so everything is again completely dead in the water.

      I know this is a long post, but I earnestly urge the Oracle gurus to help me with my issue. Can i contact/talk to any Managers from Oracle to find out what the true problem is, since I have been going around in circles since the past 3+ weeks, and I am totally confused and distraught now.

      Will I ever be able to appear for the certification once i get the voucher and the training material? Not really sure if that is going to happen at all in this lifetime :( :( :(

      Waiting eagerly for replies

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          Matthew Morris
          ...I earnestly urge the Oracle gurus to help me with my issue
          Well most of the 'gurus' on this forum are not Oracle employees and can't really help to resolve this. We can only offer suggestions. There's no link from this forum to an Oracle manager. The only direct contact to Oracle is through creating an SR -- and that's generally for issues specifically with certification rather than with OE training.

          That said, I used to work for Oracle. If there is any time not to have high expectations for customer service it's in December. The vast majority of employees take a significant percentage of their annual vacation that month. If I were to hazard a guess at what caused at least some of your issues, I'd say you got at least somewhat caught up in that.They also do a lot of system maintenance in December. I didn't work for OE but rather for Support, but I'd suspect they are similar. Towards the end of December, the place resembled a ghost town.

          I haven't used OE's online interface to order training. I just tried it a minute ago (up to the point where I was going to start committing to things I don't want, anyway) and I don't see how this much confusion can be generated. Since you indicated they used your credit card information for payment, I don't grasp why they would have any reason to talk to the company you are currently contracting for.

          Regardless of how it happened, Brandye (the moderator and an Oracle employee) might be able to suggest something specific. My own suggestion would be to grit your teeth and order again (the interface appears to be up). Provide only contact numbers/addresses to you and put 'Independent Contractor' down as the company. They really want to sell you the training. I'm confident that you'll be able to... eventually.
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            Its an Oracle University Problem, not a Certification Problem.

            That doesn't mean Might not try to help.

            ( I have a similar problem with an invoice yo-yo'd to India where it will be 'ok' and back and forth and oh dear and whatever. At times Oracle is just too hard to deal with. And increasingly more so ).

            Sometime having a paper record might .... telephone calls are cheap ... having a email chain is helpful as eventually someone can be made to look stupid. Good Luck.

            It might be good if this stuff went through a postgres database rather than through some some software in a cloud.

            Sorry ... not helping much just ranting.
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              Thanks for your reply Matthew. So I finally did get a call from a Supervisor from the OU (as the much helpful lady was able to pursue my matter with her Managers). She told me that they only needed my official email ID for records and that my order will be started from the beginning again as it got canceled at the very end while in the Approval process. She has promised that this would be my last time placing the order and that I should definitely get some positive news now. Although I am not too optimistic, but let's wait and watch for a few more days/weeks/months/... (I am still cranky)

              Thanks again.
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                Thanks for your reply Bigdelboy. Yeah, I completely agree with you. Sometimes things are much more better dealt with simplicity and taking them bit by bit. I will keep the follow-ups consistent, let's see where it heads finally.
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                  Brandye Barrington-Oracle
                  I am sorry that you've had so much difficulty with ordering your training. I also apologize for the delay in responding. I've been out sick.

                  That said, it appears that you may have gotten the issue resolved, since you have not posted since Jan 14. I certainly hope that is the case, but if you have not, please feel free to post again and I will see what I can do to assist. If you need my assistance (paltry tho it may be, since I have no insight into the OU ordering system), I would ask that you submit an SR at http://bit.ly/KMsuH3 and mark it to my attention, then post here with your SR#. Include a phone # in your SR (as well as any and all order #s). That way, I can have as much info as possible to escalate.

                  Brandye Barrington