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    Unable to print large diagrams

      We are unable to print models with 600 tables to an image file, and pdf shows an empty page. I have tried to convert the SVG file using a converter no luck with either. I have not come across with a separate read-only graph viewer that can be pointed to an SVG file. The right thing to do is to split these big models that we have reverse enginered into Data Modeler into business area focused sub-views, and we will do that soon. However, in the mean time, we would be very glad to hear suggestions.
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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
          and pdf shows an empty page
          If the size pdf file is not 0kb or 1kb (usually >100kb) then you have the diagram in pdf file however Adobe PDF reader is not capable to render it.
          You can use another PDF reader - Foxit reader can help on this.

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            Thanks a million Philip. After installing the FoxitReadaer, i was able to open the diagram AcrobatReader could not. However, it so crowded that program gets unresponsive very easily. Back to drawing board to create smaller views. I am not familiar with drawing programs, why would not a program print to any number of pages, as many as needed to make it readable? This may be a gray area, however there are commonly accepted norms. Just thinking out loud. I do appreciate your help Philip. Good day.