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    Utilizing RHEL5.8 PV drivers

      OVM version : 3.1.1

      Looks like even when you create XEN HVM, PV drivers the PV drivers are not installed/configured. Are folks manually creating the initird with the vbd and vnif drivers ?
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          I can modify the vm.cfg and bring up the PV drivers, but if i update the vm.cfg via the OVMM GUI (say i change the descritption or OS type) then the updated configuration vanishes. [Which i guess is normal per the VM User Guide {only cpu pinning is allowed as a manual config change}]

          For example : For the network config, type = netfront in vif gets removed if i do the updation via GUI.

          So, how do i make this change persistent via the GUI ?

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            Shouldn't the PV drivers be native to the kernel?
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              Yes they are. I edited /etc/modprobe.conf and used xvda mount points ... Then i edited vm.cfg to include type=netfront .. Problem is, if i do any changes through GUI to the vm that manual edit of vm.cfg will be removed.