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    Porting user segments as part of ATG - Endeca Integration 10.1.1


      I am currently working on migrating user segments from ATG (ATG10.1.1) to Endeca (Endeca Mdex 6.3). To achieve this I tried implementing the DeploymentListenerEvent interface on BCC and on project deployment completion, if the project assets of type segment, then segments are uploaded to the Endeca usersegments in .json format in the specified path \Endeca\apps\Discover\config\ifcr\userSegments.

      The issue with this approach is Endeca workbench does not identify the user segment on baseline update. The user segments are pushed to workbench only on initialize_services.bat followed by baseline update.

      The question is there a way to programmatically add user segments to workbench, an API or so?