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    Erros in ApexLib after Apex 4.2 upgrade

    Bruce Clark
      We have upgraded our environment to Apex 4.2.1

      We have an older application that makes use of ApexLib. We cannot remove ApexLib from the application without a lot of work.

      ApexLib is now trhoughing an error:

      in package apexlib_error procedure addApexValidationErrors WWV_Flow.g_validation_ids_in_error does not exist.

      Has anyone had experience with how to resolve this issue?

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          Bruce Clark
          I found the answer.

          Seems that ApexLib required an upgrade to release 2.2 in order to work with Apex 4.1 or higher. Release 2.2 resolved the errors.
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            Hi Clark,

            you are partially right. For ApexLib Framework to run under APEX 4.1 an upgrade is required to ApexLib Framework Version V2.2.

            But: After APEX 4.1 (i.e. 4.2, 5.0, ...) there is no support for ApexLib anymore. Please read this for some more information: http://www.oracle-and-apex.com/apexlib-framework-on-oracle-apex-4-2/



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