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    Pick-and-choose forms from an archived transaction with IDS

    Gaétan Berthold

      We have a regular Documaker archive, stored in Oracle, and we use IDS 2.2 P05 to access the archive and generate a PDF from archived transactions. The contents of our archived transactions is insurance-typical:

      Cover letter (form COVLET)
      Invoice (form INVOICE)
      Declarations pages (form DECXXX)
      Wording (form WORD001)
      Wording (form WORD002)
      Wording (form WORD003)

      We have a new requirement coming in to generate a PDF containing only a part of the archived transaction. For example, a customer may connect to our web site and ask for a copy of the invoice that was included with the policy renewal we sent him a while back.

      Ideally, we would issue a call to IDS basically saying: I am looking for the transaction with the ARCKEY 005066131D00000020 and I only need the form INVOICE. The PDF returned by IDS would then only contain the form INVOICE. Is something like this possible with IDS 2.2 P05 ?

      +Please note that I have created a Service Request with Oracle Support about a month ago, and I haven't received any answers yet Since it is only a Request For Assistance, I do understand that regular Service Requests get priority, but I have a meeting with my client on Thursday. Any reply before then would be appreciated.+


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          calittle - oracle
          Hi Gaétan,

          One option would be to create a new recipient (e.g. CUSTOMERPDF) that would receive only the forms that you want to display on the website, then your website would include the recipient filter (RECIPIENTS=CUSTOMERPDF) when generating the request to IDS to generate the PDF.

          Obviously the problem here is that it doesn't help you when retrieving transactions archived before this recipient was created.

          Another option would be to add the DPRExecuteDAL rule to your request type, and then create a DAL script that removes the form(s) from the formset, like this:

          <section name="ReqType:PRT">
          <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCLogTransaction</entry>
          <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCLoadAttachment</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRSetConfig</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRTermDB</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRInitLby</entry>
          <entry name="function">atcw32-&gt;ATCUnloadAttachment</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRRetrieveFormset</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRExecuteDAL,deleteforms.dal,RUNF</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRPrint</entry>
          <entry name="function">dprw32-&gt;DPRProcessTemplates</entry>

          Then you would need to create the deleteforms.dal, which invokes the DelForm function, perhaps like this:


          Hope this helps!


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