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    Knowledge Base vs. thesaurus

      Hi all,
      I'm comparing KB vs. thesaurus usage.

      The KB is a structure of themes - constituted of either single words or phrases. Relations are either hierarchical or generic.
      Usage occurs by ABOUT(<theme>).

      The thesaurus is a structure of terms - either single word or made up of a phrase. Relations are either hierarchical or generic, or related to synonyms. Usage occurs by several operators.

      From these definitions I would guess that:

      - these structures can almost represent the same data, indeed manuals explain how to extend the KB using thesauri.

      - the operator "ABOUT(<theme>)" should be equivalent to "<theme> OR NT(<theme>) OR RT(<theme>)"

      So the question is: why using a KB, provided that thesauri appear far more flexible ? Multiple thesauri can coexist, even for the same language. API are provided to edit them. On the other hand, the KB is an all-or-nothing precompiled structure, bound to English and French.

      What's wrong with this reasoning ? What do we gain while using a KB ?
      Thanks for any comment.