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    Multiple Period data load

      I am looking for options available for loading data to Essbase using FDM in the format shown below. Can this be achieved using scripts?

      Account,Month, Data
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          Is account the only dimension in your essbase outline???
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            Ofcourse not ....

            This was just an example to explain what I am looking for, which is, data load for multiple period when period is in a single column.
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              You can do this using the Multiload Functionality in FDM.

              You would need to have your source file in the format defined in the section of the Administrator Guide on Multiload Templates. THey can be text based or Excel based and allow for you to load up to 12 periods at one time.
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                But the multiload file format requires the data to be in column's as shown below.

                Account, Mar, Apr, May

                I was looking for something like data in a single column and period in another. I know converting it to the multi load format is an option but i am looking to avoid this manual process.

                Another option is to make period as mapped dimension instead of global dimension and have period mapped. Has anyone tried this?