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    Back To Back Order


      Currently I am doing Back to Back Order Cycle. I have facing the below two issues

      1.The order Line STATUS does not change to PO-ReqRequested, when I run Create Supply Order Eligible Process[when the status is Supply Eligible].
      There r no errors in the log file.
      After running this program the Status would get changed to PRODUCTION OPEN from status Supply Eligible

      2. I am unable to find the Source CTO[in the drop down list], when I run Req Import porgram.

      Please help with the above issues.....
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          Please enable the Item level Attributes at the Organization Level.
          1) ATO---OM Tab
          2) Source Type as Supplier--General Planning Tab
          3) Make or Buy to Buy --General Planning Tab

          Try to create a new order for the same item..this should work now.
          Now while running the Requisition Import program you can see CTO.

          Pls check the following link for more details.

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            Thanks for the basic Item setup...

            But I have already done these.. But still I am facing the issue.

            Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
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              I still doubt on the Item Attribute setup at the Organization level...

              please cross check the following once again..

              Go to Inventory -> Items -> Master Items and define the item as follows :
              Enter item name and description.
              From Tools -> Copy From, apply the Purchased Item template.
              In the Order Management tab, check the Assemble to Order flag (ATO).
              In the Purchasing tab, enter a value in the List Price field.
              In the Work in Process tab, make sure the Build in WIP flag is checked.
              In the General Planning tab, set the Make or Buy flag to Buy.

              Meanwhile...I will check for other options..

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                Pls use the below oracle apps instance or Solution Becom Instance. I have already done all the above setups. But sill not able to see CTO Option in Req Import program

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                  Pls any one respond
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                    Tried to book couple of new orders( 66967,66969)...but failed to book due to some table space issue.

                    ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 2
                    ORA-01653: unable to extend table ASO.ASO_ORDER_FEEDBACK_T by 16 in tablespace APPS_TS_QUEUES in Package ASO_ORDER_FEEDBACK_UPDATE_PVT Procedure UPDATE_NOTICE

                    Will try again in some time to see if this issue is resolved.

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                      I looked at that vision instance that you referenced. My guess is that there is a sourcing rule that is trumping your "Make/Buy" flag setting on the item. For my test item (XXJB_CTO_BUY1), i set with the proper attributes as discribed below:

                      Item Number: XXJB_CTO_BUY1
                      Item Description: CTO Buy Item Test
                      Tools > Copy From: Template = @Purchased Item

                      On Order Management Tab, select "Assemble to Order"
                      On Purchasing Tab, enter List Price = $5
                      On General Planning, Set make or buy to "Buy"


                      Assign to M1 - Seattle Organization. Save.

                      The default sourcing assignment set is "Supplier Scheduling" (via profile MRP: Default Assignment Set). If you go to View Sourcing Hierarchy, you can see what sourcing rule (if any) is picked up for your item/shipping org combination.

                      Supply Chain Planner > (N) Sourcing > View Sourcing Hierarchy

                      Choose your shipping org and enter the item number and assignment set. Tab out of the field and look for the "Active Rule" check box. For my test item shipping out of M1, it is picking up an Organization rule called "M-M1" which is a "Make At" rule. This would force my "Buy" item to go through the Make processes of a workorder. If I progress my order line, it would go to "Production Open".

                      In your instance, to get around this issue, use "Assign Sourcing Rule" to assign your item to a supplier sourcing rule.

                      Supply Chain Planner > Sourcing > Assign Sourcing Rule/BOD

                      Choose Assignment Set = Supplier Scheduling
                      Add new row:

                      Assigned To = Item
                      Item = <Item Number>
                      Type = Sourcing Rule
                      Sourcing Rule = <Any Buy From sourcing rule, e.g. B-Advanced-SC)

                      Save. Try your order again.

                      Good Luck.

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                        if the line status says po req requested, that means this line product is a buy item.
                        You need to run requisition import to create requisition.

                        flow would be - > Create PO from requisition -> Approve PO -> Receive Goods against PO : SO line status will be updated to Awaiting Shipping -> Pick release -> pick confirm -> Ship confirm - > Run ITS -> line will be closed.

                        For Requisition import program , select the correct operating unit before giving parameters for the program.