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    What is the eONS multicast IP address and should it be a pubic IP?

      I've not been able to find much documentation on nodeaps. When I run this command...

      srvctl config nodeapps

      The output shows something called a "multicast IP address". What exactly is it for? Should it be a local (non-routable) IP address on my network, or should it be a public address?

      Here is the output of the command. The last line is what bothers me...

      VIP exists.:bisgora01
      VIP exists.: /bisgora01-vip/
      VIP exists.:bisgora02
      VIP exists.: /bisgora02-vip/
      GSD exists.
      ONS daemon exists. Local port 6100, remote port 6200
      eONS daemon exists. Multicast port 15429, multicast IP address, listening port 62040