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    NFS mount - file lock

      I'm running a linux KVM guest on CentOS release 5.8 (Final). Oracle is installed on the NFS share on a netapp storage device. When oracle starts it creates a file lock on the control files etc....located on the netapp storage device. The issue is if/when the server reboots (uncleanly) the lock files don't get released on the netapp storage and oracle will not start after an unclean shutdown ( example, server crash ) unless the file locks are released manually on the netapp storage.

      Anyone have suggestions on options for mounting the oracle nfs shared to prevent this behavior?
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          You had it in a HARDWARE forum but have no apparent issues with Sun/Oracle branded storage hardware. Your question may even be outside the scope of this entire OTN forum web site as it appears to be specific to your OS or your external storage peripheral. Perhaps you might consider finding a CentOS or a NetApp forum instead.
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            Your Firewalls may block communication between the client’s lock manager and the server. Apparently you can fix the lock recovery problem using NetApp's sm_mon -l or lock break commands. I suggest to search the Internet for "netapp network lock manager" or find Netapp forum.