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    Proper way to respond when OSB job is requesting assistance.

      Have OSB ver on Linux.

      Can you tell me the proper way to get through this issue? Not sure if I have the proper commands & sequence I'm using.

      OSB job states there is an error "Error performing unload operation - element is reserved (library manager)".

      -----Original Message-----
      From: Oracle Secure Backup
      Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 11:28 PM
      To: ME
      Subject: Oracle Secure Backup assistance needed for job oracle/2419.235

      Dear reader:

      Oracle Secure Backup job oracle/2419.235 is requesting assistance.
      The job will resume when an operator responds.

      If you'd like to view and optionally respond to this request, use --
      . the Web tool's Manage/Jobs interface and its Show Transcript function, or
      . obtool's transcript display command: obtool catxcr --tail 25 oracle/2419.235

      Thank you,
      Oracle Secure Backup

      My actions -->

      I've located a vacant slot (88) in the library I want to unload the tape from drive5 and issue 'unload 88' enter, then what?

      Do I 'catxcr --tail 25 oracle/2419.235' again and issue 'go'?

      Seems like I go through this sequence many times before job actually starts running again.

      ob> catxcr --tail 25 oracle/2419.235
      Volume set owner: root
      Volume set created: Mon Jan 14 11:51:37 2013
      Volume set closes: Tue Jan 15 11:51:37 2013 (no writes after this time)
      Media family: prod
      Volume set expires: never; content manages reuse
      Original UUID: 0e2d1848-40e4-1030-9a5c-002128bcdeec

      Archive label:
      File number: 24
      File section: 1
      Owner: root
      Client host: dm01db08-priv
      Backup level: 0
      S/w compression: no
      Archive created: Mon Jan 14 22:11:23 2013
      Archive owner UUID: 9a02d686-9cb7-102f-99fb-002128bcdeec
      Owner class UUID: b1539ae6-9bf4-102f-8699-002128bcdeec
      Backup piece name: sonv9i68_1_2
      Backup db name: odsprd
      Backup db id: 1997710370
      Backup copy number: not applicable
      Backup content: incremental

      End of tape has been reached. Please wait while I rewind and unload the tape.
      The Volume ID of the next tape to be written is prod-000993.
      Error performing unload operation - element is reserved (library manager)
      Please unload the volume from drive5 (raw device "/dev/sg10") and press <return> to continue: unload 88