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    OID: ldap Name Space question

      Experts for OID, need your help with following:

      OID will be used to store user accounts
      (will later sync from a local Active Directory, so all users in AD will appear in OID)

      Following is the information about Active Directory.
      The AD domain is adauth.local
      so user accounts are firstname.lastname@adauth.local

      Question: When installing OID, need your suggestions for following entries during OID installation
      1. LDAP v3 Name Space: dc=adauth,dc=local (is this ok?)
      2. OID information Realm: dc=adauth,dc=local (is this ok?)

      Are above entries for LDAP Name Space ok during OID installation?
      I am trying to match AD LDAP Name space with OID, since OID will sync from AD user accounts.
      Is this ok?