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    Workflow Purging

      Hello all,

      I'm trying to abort some workflow activities which are not 'COMPLETE' and then purge them. I'm using "WF_ENGINE.AbortProcess" to accomplish this task and then purge using "WF_PURGE.Total" to purge the activities. During this process, does any notifications fire? Its going to be a big miss if that's going to happen. Please advice.

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          Alejandro Sosa-Oracle
          The AbortProcess API will get the root activity of the workflow process and will set the End Date in WF_ITEMS, which tells a workflow process is terminated. It also will do and do the same for any children processes. If any error happens, typically validations, then the API will trow and error right there, not creating any notification or error processes.

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            Thanks for the response. So I don't have to worry about the notifications being generated as there won't be any notifications generated when doing a abort process?