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    af:media tag.

      hi all,

      we have a requirement for displaying video of HTML5 formats, portal should be supported on both desktop system(majorly IE9 and firefox3.6+) as well as iPhone/iPad.

      following are my doubts.

      --> is af:media capable of outputting HTML5 formats.
      --> what is the support matrix (does any one has did this analysis in past, will be very helpful) i mean video format vs. browsers.
      --> when i read about af:media tag it says "The media component displays media content, such as audio, video, or image in a player embedded in the user agent"
      what is user agent here. browser plugging for video player or native player installed in system

      client is not very enthusiastic about downloading plugging for all supported browsers they want it in HTML5 way.
      so my last doubt is can we use video tag in jsff/jspx page if yes which one is recomended considering the requirements, af:media or video tag.


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          hi all,

          any pointers on this isssue.
          what i mean by HTML5 video format is ogg,WebM, mp4 etc. format with theora,VP8 etc. codec.
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            Daniel Merchán

            I think that in ADF forum will help you better than here with af:media tag.

            In my experience I never used that component to display videos. Always used stream players like "Flowplayer" or similars.

            Flowplayer is compatible with all browsers, ipad etc...

            HTML5 video player: http://videojs.com/


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              Hi Daniel,

              thansk for responce.
              I will post same question in adf forum also

              i want to know few details about what u did for video

              --> can you provide any link/doc on flowplayer or other player, how to integrate with portal steps.
              --> You metioned HTML5 video player I have tried this and it work fine on jspx page but facing issue when when i try it inside jspx page.
              --> is it recomended to use html tag/javascript in adf.