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    FORUMCRAWLER_VW view is empty

      Hello. I'm working on SES integration (trying to make it search through discussions). All I need to do is to create crawlers for two database data sources on a SES server (for forums and for announcements). But, talking about forums - it must be indexed and there must be a lot of information stored in FORUMCRAWLER_VW view, but for some reason this database view is empty. All I made for forums integration is WC_Collaboration managed server installation, creating a new forum and adding task flows with forum category IDs to a portal pages. So, the question is why a FORUMCRAWLER_VW view is empty and what I need to do to make my forum data in database to be "selectable" with this view. Thank you.
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          Okay, problem seems solved. I don't know if it is a bug or a feature... (: Anyway, this view selects data from threads that had been created from a portal application. And if you create threads from WC_Collaboration server admin console, there's no data will be selected with FORUMCRAWLER_VW view. Sorry, have no time to check SQL query for those DB view, may be this behaviour is reasonable.

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