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        Hi Richard, I used PL/SQL Developer for 5 happy years, too! I much preferred it to either Toad or SQL Developer and I never saw it glitch generating DDL, either... but it's hard to argue with 'free'! :-(

        I forced myself to get happy with SQL Developer, and on the whole, it's a very capable tool. (It took me a long time to stop hitting F8 and to start using F9 instead... and, of course, whenever I now encounter PL/SQL Developer, I have exactly the opposite problem!)

        This particular client is not going to shell out for either Toad or PL/SQL Developer with SQL Developer so readily available for nothing. Spending cash on a simple, GUI DDL generating tool was a possibility, but not if it's broken, as it appears to be. I think someone else mentioned SQL Developer Data Modeller ...which is, basically, SQL Developer without all the bits that involve running SQL, but with excellent data modelling and design capabilities that convert from logical to relational models and on to DDL nicely, and back again if you so wish. And with subversion built in, it's a bit of a no-brainer in these circumstances. I suspect that's what I'll be recommending, anyway.

        (Idle Observation: the SQL Server people seem much better blessed with GUI DDL-extraction tools than we are. I wonder if that's a reflection of their generally GUI heritage as far as the OS is concerned?)

        Thanks for all the comments, guys. Appreciate the feedback.
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          Michael: thank you. It's a shame: Schema Doc is a nice product, but it's fundamentally broken in this state, at least for our purposes (it's not just the partitioning stuff that gets missed off, after all: USING INDEX clauses don't specify tablespaces, and so on). Are there plans to rectify this, or is this some sort of permanent product differentiator between Schema Doc and Schema Compare?
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