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    Redgate schema doc v. SQL Developer Data Modeller

      Anyone use Red Gate schema doc for Oracle?

      I used it to generate the DDL for a partitioned table ...and it left off all mention of partitioning. It also put in a 'using index' clause for unique and primary key constraints, but neglected to add a 'tablespace big_idx' statement, so if run, that DDL would create a table nothing like the one required.

      SQL Developer's data modeller produced quite nice results, though, with all the extra partitioning and tablespace clauses you could ask for.

      If anyone has nice things to say about Red Gate for Oracle, I'd be interested. If anyone has any other red-hot DDL-generation tool tips, I'd be keen to hear them, too.

      Basically, business is shopping for a nice, reliable, accurate DDL generator with point-and-click capabilities (generating a SQL file from a full expdp dumpfile doesn't count in this case!). If SQL Developer is as good as it gets, I can live with that, but would like some 'war stories' one way or another. Thanks in advance.
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