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    Problem with changing Workspaces in an Expert

      Hi there,
      we got a "little" problem with an expert. Before I describe the problem, I would like to give some background information,
      to understand why we doing things like this.
      We want to implement some kind of OWB-Sandbox, which means that we want to create autonomous environments
      for developers (or groups of developers). We are doing this by creating separate OWB-Workspaces,
      copying all kind of OWB-Stuff into this new workspaces (by EXP/IMP) and let the developer work only in this workspaces.
      After finishing development, we re-integrate the new or changed OWB-Stuff into our Master-Workspace (again by Exp/Imp and
      a bit of merging (if nessessary)). This whole process should be supported by OWB-Experts, and we made quite good progress
      in implementing them.

      Now I come to our actual problem.
      The Sandbox-Create Expert does more or less the following:
      - Exporting different things (Config, Trans, Security, Experts, Locations, Project-Modules, UDPs/UDOs)
      - OMBCONNECT <new workspace>
      - Import things into new WS (Config, Trans, Security, Experts, Locations, Project-Modules, UDPs/UDOs)
      - Doing some more admin on the new WS
      - OMBCONNNECT <old workspace>

      Our first attempt was, to implement all of this in a script, which worked fine. But we would prefere to have
      all of this stuff in Experts, so that we can call them from the GUI.
      The problem is, that the Expert is not exiting correct, that means, whatever I do, I can't get a clear final status.
      If I stay in the new workspace, the GUI reopens, but I get some strange behaviour in teh GUI.
      The same happens, when I reconnect to the old workspace.
      If I disconnect from the new workspace at the end, I can't close the Task Assistant Window directly,
      instead I have to close the Design Center background window (cmd).
      All of this is quite unsatisfying for us.
      The question is whether changing the workspace in an Expert and coming back to the orig workspace is a valid operation anyway?

      Thanks in advance.
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          if you turn on your log for OWB client you will see that at the startup owb disables OMB+ commands like OMBCONNECT or OMBDISCONNECT and if you try to use them in omb+ view in owb you will see. Now in expert owb will not notify you with error but it will not work like it's suppose to. at least that's my experience with this.