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    New to portal webcenter portal framework ..need help in developing a poc...

      Hi There,
      I am new to portal framework(Not new to java)...and i need to develop a poc which include using oracle portal framework for developing:
      1.A simple portal having features like:
      a)portlet for lets say recent news update ,content of which may come from content repository.
      b)using personalization feature of webcenter framework ,multi language support themes,skins,etc.
      c)a simple database setup and a home page after login (can use ADF) and info should be displayed to user from database.
      d)USE advance features like RSS feed , AJAX etc.

      The only thing that i am able to do till now is that from help topics i have created sample portal framework as per the guideline provided...and it has provided me with a default application and default project folder structure...now what does each component mean i have not gained much on that...

      When i am going through help center for this i feel information is quite ambiguous as after reading some point they link to some other making it difficult to aggregate the information and use it to develop something useful.

      Can any one help and suggest the proper source for developing something substantial....


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          Daniel Merchán

          I'll try to write some tips about your requirements.

          a) For display content use "Content Presenter Task Flow" (OOTB in the product):

          b) Personalization framework:

          About multilanguage:
          Re: building multilingual portal using WebCenter

          About themes or skins based on personalization use EL Expressions to select which one must be selected.

          c) Use ADF BC (Business Components). There are a lot of tutorials about it.

          d) Use RSS Task Flow OOTB of the product. ADF Components are AJAX based.

          My recommendation for you is:

          1) Do a basic tutorial of ADF to learn ADF BC, ADF Model, ADF Controller, ADF View and ADF Components.
          2) Basic tutorial (ElPiju) of WebCenter Portal Applications
          3) Basic tutorial to understand Web Content and Documents and how to display it in WebCenter using Content Presenter.
          4) Basic sample of personalization framework.

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            Hi Daniel,

            Thanks for the promt reply.......i will go through the tuto (infact already started)......I just wanna ask two things

            Step by Step Installation process for:-
            1.UCM/Oracle webcenter content.
            2.Oracle database

            And how to prepare connection USing Jdeveloper

            I am using Jdeveloper "Studio Edition Version".....

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              Daniel Merchán

              If you have Oracle Database 11g installed for your WebCenter Portal Server you can reuse it.

              Reusing database you can install WebCenter UCM following installation manual.
              1) Create WebCenter Content Schemas using RCU utility.
              2) Extend your domain with WebCenter Content product.

              Having WebCenter Content installed and configured then create a Content Server Repository Connection in your WebCenter Portal Application.

              Here you have detailed steps: http://yonaweb.be/webcenter_11g_ps3_tutorial_introduction_content_integration