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    Communication between ADF Application and third party tool



      I am a new bee to SOA Suite :). I am looking for a suggestion on below usecase.
      We have Arbortext Editor which is a dynamic publishing tool for creating technical publication. We are planning to develop a UI tool

      using ADF/JDev. As POC, we are able to invoke our ADF application from Arbortext Editor as shown below.

      AccessURL accessURL = new AccessURL();
      String myURL = "

      java.awt.Desktop myNewBrowserDesktop = java.awt.Desktop.getDesktop();
      java.net.URI myNewLocation = new java.net.URI( myURL);
      myNewBrowserDesktop.browse( myNewLocation );

      So, Arbortext is having it's own JVM and can have standalone java program with main method. If we can able to provide communication between our ADF application and Arbortext JVM, that can solve our issue.
      We need to pass some information back to Arbortext editor from ADF application on some action (Button click).

      Can you suggest any clue on this?
      It would be really helpful, if you can provide some pointers for similar usecases.