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    Variance Ratio for TOP 20 Customers

      Hi this is my requirement

      I have a report with columns

      Dim- Customer Name, Fact- Sales

      Now i want to create a column Ratio where it has to calculate each customer sales with Total Sales.

      So i used "Show Data as Percent of Row" feature in Pivot Table.

      So far so good.

      But now i have placed a filter for the same report as "Top 20 Sales"

      So i can see Top 20 Customers with their sales, but the ratio now getting calculated as each "Customer Sales to Top 20 Total Sales" . Which is not what we are looking for.

      we wanted the ratio to be calculated for each customer sales with Total Sales even when the Top 20 filter is applied.

      So please can anyone provide me the solution.

      Appreciate your help and your answer is definitely marked

      Thank You