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    OBIEE login screen comes up in a CRM imbed report after OBIEE server restar

      I have some imbedded reports in Siebel CRM side. Everytime we do a server restart like to implement a rpd, afterwards when you go the imbedded reports in CRM side the OBIEE stand alone login screen comes up. If i hit refresh the login screen disappears.

      I ran the following test
      a) Do a OBIEE server restart
      b) Run the following URL for the stand alone and before doing a server restart it takes me directly to the reports since this URL has my ID/ PWD
      http://<server>:<port>/analytics/saw.dll?Dashboard&PortalPath=/shared/All AIM/_Portal/Wholesaler&Syndicate='Siebel'&nqUser=nguyeth&nqPassword=<your_pass>&Cmd='PortalPages'
      c) Run the URL after the server restart and login screen comes up, but if i do a IE refresh it takes me directly to the report.

      Conclusion, this problem seems to be on the OBIEE side, not the integration of CRM and OBIEE.

      OBIEE , CRM

      Any suggestions?