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    Shrinking the OWB$WB_RT_AUDIT* tables

    R Hachem
      Hi all,

      We haven't done a good job over the years of keeping the various OWB$WB_RT_AUDIT* tables purged/cleaned up. As a result, the various OWB$WB_RT_AUDIT* structures (tables/indexes/LOBs) on some of our systems consume over 4GB of space and I'd like to shrink those down a bit. The 'purge_audit_template.sql' script will delete the rows that I don't need, but it won't shrink those tables. The 'Optimize Repository' option in the OWB client will gather stats for the various OWBSYS structures I believe, but again won't do anything to shrink down those tables.

      In order to shrink them down, I'd like to run a series of 'alter table OWB$WB_RT_AUDIT.... shrink cascade' commands but to do that I will first need to enable ROW MOVEMENT on those tables. Can someone knowledgeable with the OWBSYS schema confirm if that is safe to do for those tables?

      Also, it would be nice if this kind of log purging was activated by default during on OWB install or upgrade. The product could certainly ask the user how many days of info they'd like to keep around, and then use that information to create a scheduler job that will run once a week and keep those tables from growing.