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    oracle financials image processing solution accelerator


      I am trying to implement solution accelerator for a customer for invoice processing in EBS R12.
      I have found very limited reference articles or blogs for the same implementation. I wanted to know, if anybody has done a prior implementation and would like share any references or blogs to follow.

      I already have the installation guide, which is ueful, for installing and configuring the solution.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.

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          VikrantKorde 1
          I agree, the reference material is very limited for such integration.
          I am working on the similar setup. In case you have any queries you can ask me.

          Vikrant Korde.
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            Hi Vikrant,

            Thank you.

            I have deployed and configured Solution Accelerator following the installation guide. Currently, I am doing the system verification tests given in the document.

            In the system verification test 1, it has been mentioned to drop a .txt and sampleinvoice .pdf file into the IPM input directory/folder.
            I have created an IPM input folder, updated the IPM system mbean attribute, and the location is being monitored by IPM input agent.
            This location has been mapped as a network drive on the Windows machine where OFR is installed and OFR is exporting files to this network drive.

            Now, in the document it says to update the .txt file, and include the location of the sample invoice pdf file. What does this location refer to?

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              VikrantKorde 1
              It is refering to the absolute path of XML and TIFF files mentioned in .txt file.

              You have to be very sure that the location of these files are proper else, it can not process and create instance in DocumentRouting BPEL

              Vikrant Korde.
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                Hi Vikrant,

                Thank you for your response.
                I need some more information on the worklists and views created during the implementation.

                Can an AP user login into any interface available out of the box and check all the invoice related tasks assigned in his queue. I can get a list of tasks via worklistapp interface. Also, is this the recommended to access tasks.
                Correct me if I am wrong, I am under the impression, the task list should be accessed via zoom -> Process Invoices.

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                  VikrantKorde 1
                  Do you mean EBS user by "AP user login"? To login into IPM work list you need to create user in weblogic. It is not automatic, these 2 are differnt servers.

                  There is no single consolidated list which will give you the taks for that user. These lists are categorized by SolutionNameSpace.

                  via zoom -> Process Invoices: you will be able to access InvoiceProcessing human task.

                  In case you need to login to some other task lists then you need to create below URL and use that.

                  Here you can have different combinations based on the configurations. OOTB are

                  Vikrant Korde.
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                    Hi Vikrant,

                    Thank you for your information.

                    From a user, I mean a business user who will not be accessing EBS invoice workbench.
                    An interface which shows information like, these are the current invoice processing tasks, no. of tasks have been completed , pending etc.

                    I know, the BPM worklist gives a similar view and interface, any other way where we can get this information from ? Also, we are in the midst of implementing SSO for the whole suite including Oracle Fusion Middleware pieces and Oracle EBS R12, so ideally we will not have the issue of different users for different servers.

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                      Hi Vikrant,

                      After reading this post chain, it looks like you are the one who can help me resolve my queries. I have been put into one such project which is based on following configuration:

                      Solution Accelerator 4.2
                      EBS 11i

                      The requirement is to upgrade it to 12.1.3 now. Kindly help me resolve as what all changes do i need to make to the whole system to bring it up to the speed?
                      Do I need to upgrade to solution accelerator 4.7 or 4.2 will do?
                      What all steps do I need to carry out/be cautious of while upgrading from EBS 11i to EBS 12.1.3? Is there any specific documentation which can help me achieve the same?

                      Please help.

                      Sunder S