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    Oracle VM x86_64 causes NFS Mount to go Read Only

      I need a bit of help. I have a 64-bit installation of Oracle VM on a Linux 5.8 server. I have a mount point (/u99) which is shared with two servers (the other server is also a 64-bit VM server). Every time I attempt to write something to this disk it goes to read only. My network guys unmount it, run fsck on the disk partition and then remount it only to have it go read only again and again. This initially started happening when I was attempting to do an RMAN backup but now it happens when I just routinely write something to the partition. It is mounted just as the other non-shared mounts are mounted only it is shared. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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          Are you talking about Virtualbox or Oracle VM 3.1.1?

          If its Oracle VM 3.1.1

          You shouldn't be mounting NFS shares directly from the Oracle VM server. The VM Manger should used to create NFS repositories.

          If you're talking about Oracle 5.8 VM guest on a Oracle VM server.... then I had a similar problem a while back. The VM guest was doing a setgid on the file created. I ended up setting "Disable setuid/setgid file creation" on the storage side so the NFS wouldn't allow it.