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    ADF Customization Layer not working as desired


      While going through the steps given at


      When I go to Step 9 and run the Apps in customization layer, it still shows me Output without customization.
      I have set the Customization properties properly and using Application level CustomizationLayerValues.xml to have these customization layers :

      <cust-layer name="site" id-prefix="s">
      <cust-layer-value value="headquarters" display-name="Headquarters" id-prefix="1"/>
      <cust-layer-value value="remoteoffices" display-name="Remote Offices" id-prefix="2"/>
      <cust-layer-value value="site" display-name="Site"/>
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          possible problem could be that you missed this step

          "In the Edit Customization Class dialog, enter sitecc, then select the class SiteCC (oracle.model.mycompany) and click OK."

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            Hi Frank,

            I have already set the MDS Customization Configuration as


            which is the path of my class.

            Any other suggestions why it could happen.

            I will re-iterate the steps I followed :

            a) Define a Customization Layer in CustomizationLayerValues.xml

            b) Created a customization class and configured it in adf-config.xml

            c) Enabled seeded customization and then created Task Flow and Jsf pages

            d) Switched the Role to customization Developer and then did my Customization for site values "Headquarters" and "Remote Offices"

            e) Ran the apps in Customization Layer.

            Nikhil Misra