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    Disconnect VM from network - simulating cable unplug


      I am unable to work out how to temporarily disconnect a VM from a network. I am looking to be able to simulate unplugging the network cable from the VM. Reasons to do this might be to perform initial network config that would not be compatible with other machines or to test a machine or software response to such an event.

      The only way I can think of to acheive this is to 'Create a logical network on a single server' for each server and change the network card's network to that network. This requires I create one network for each server and only have one VM on each server moved to that network. I beleive it requires the VM to be power cycled to make it take effect so doesn't allow testing of a live disconnect/reconnect.

      It feels like there should be a simpler way to acheive this, can anyone point me in the direction of a better solution?