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    Issue with SQL query of Oracle Apps Alert


      I have build the following SQL Query for one of the alert.
      But when i try to valid it it is throwing an error as
      "APP-ALR-04108: SQL Error - ORA-07144 in appropriate into occurred in '

      My SQL is as follows:
      SELECT details into
      &v_details from (SELECT 2, RPAD(SUBSTR(lookup_code,1),25,' ') ||' - '||RPAD(SUBSTR(NVL(lu.description,' '),1),240,' ') Details
      INTO &V_seq,&V_resp
      from apps.FND_LOOKUP_VALUES_VL lu,apps.fnd_user fu
      where lookup_type ='XX_TEST'
      AND lookup_code = fu.user_name
      AND (fu.end_date IS NULL OR fu.end_date >= SYSDATE))

      Please help on this.