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    How to set SOAP Header When Calling Business Service (OSB) Using Split-Join


      We need to call WSDL based webservice which requires heading static content for successful call. As we need to call the same service parallely, hence we want to use Split-Join.

      Looked at couple of forum links, noted that we can't play with headers while working with Split-Join.

      For curiosity, just want to check any option other than using proxy as mediator in setting header information.

      Venkata Madhu
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          You still have the option, if you hv n't tried this one.

          To enable this capability, you must declare the header parts along with the body parts in a single request/response message in the Split-Join WSDL and in the WSDL of the proxy or business services invoked by the Split-Join. With the message parts declared in the WSDLs, SOAP header content is available to Split-Joins in the request/response message variables.

          Following is an example of the message and binding definitions in the WSDL.

          <wsdl:message name="retrieveCustomerOverviewByIdRequestMessage">
          <wsdl:part name="retrieveCustomerOverviewByIdRequest"
          *<wsdl:part name="serviceContext" element="sc:serviceContext"/>*


          <soap:body use="literal" parts="retrieveCustomerOverviewByIdRequest"/>
          *<soap:header message="tns:retrieveCustomerOverviewByIdRequestMessage"part="serviceContext" use="literal"/>*

          hope it helps !!