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    OSB proxy service and BPEL depedency is not established in BTM

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I am using BTM and I have deployed a service where an OSB proxy service is taking employee information and callling a BPEL process which writes data in some database table. The OSB proxy service and BPEL got discovered in BTM but the dependecy between OSB Proxy service and BPEL process is not established in BTM. I have used soa-dorect protocol to call the BPEL from OSB. I have also tried with using http protocol in OSB for calling a BPEL but nothing worked and the depedency is not established in BTM.

      Now I want to create an end-toend transaction i.e. starting from OSB proxy to the database. For this I selected OSB proxy operation and BPEL operation but correlation is not established. How can I correlate these operation? And how can I create an end-to-end transaction for this type of service where OSB calls a BPEL?

      Please guide!!

      Thanks in advance!!