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    OCI Registering

      Hi All,
      I am a new member to the forum as well as started programming in OCI with Oracle AQ. I need a help to resolve my problem from this open forum. I have created a oracle AQ in Db and register a consumer name for the same. Now i will register the same consumer name from C/OCI to monitor the queue. Now if there is any message got inserted into the same queue, I should get a notification from the queue, so that based on that notification, OCI/C program can call a asynchronous callback from that event.

      1. Queue is created through PL/SQL
      2. Consumer is registered with PL/SQL
      3. C/OCI program is written to register the consumer.
      4. Now from PL/SQL, we will push the message in the queue.
      5. Based on the message enqueue, C/OCI program will get notification.(Like message queuing should notify that new message came to queue.)

      Is this possible, that any insertion of message in the queue will notify the C binary code. If yes, please provide me a bit more details on the same. Thanks in advance.