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    Poor OPM documentation

      This post is regarding the OPM help. To me it seems that the OPM help is very poorly documented. It doesn't contains in-depth explanation on several important topics..I have raised the concerns previously on the developer help too.. even that was poorly documented..

      To be able to use the features of a product..the product guide should be extensively documented so that the developers can directly refer those.
      I request Oracle to extensively document the powerful features of OPA.

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          Rajan, thank you very much for your feedback with regards to the documentation, it really is appreciated.

          In order for us to look into your concerns, can we please ask that you do the following in relation to both the Oracle Policy Modeling User Help and the Oracle Policy Automation Developer Help:

          - provide us with a list of specific topics that you consider to be lacking in content or are falling short of what you might expect.
          - provide us with some detail relating to the kinds of information that you are searchng for and having no success in locating, but believe should be available in the documentation.

          We look forward to hearing from you soon.