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    Problems merging with

      I'm testing out the merging capabilities of this tool, and for some reason I cannot get it to show me the conflicts when I change the formula for a logical column.

      I saved 3 copies of the same repository, named original.rpd, modified.rpd, and current.rpd. I modified a logical column with formula "X" to be "X+1" in current.rpd, and modified the formula for the same column to be "X+2" in modified.rpd. I also changed the name of a subject area in both.

      When I go through the merge, when I get to the step to resolve conflicts, it doesn't give me an option for the column that had its formula changed. I expected to get an option to select either X+1 or X+2. But it isn't listed at all! When I go through the merge, it just accepts the formula from current.rpd.

      Interestingly if I click the button conflict resolution dialogue that says "View Change Statistics" the row for "Hidden" has a value of 1. This makes me think that it sees the conflict of the logical column formula, but for some reason is making the decision automatically. Is there any way to force it to show me this decision and let me make it?

      Can anyone else recreate this problem? I'm using the version of the Admin Tool.

      Thanks a lot for the help!