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    OPA Workflow - SetField Value

      Hi All,

      I have developed one workflow is Siebel Automotive where I am calling Policy Automation assess workflow as a sub process and passing input parameters Object Id and Mapping Name.

      I am calling the above developed workflow through runtime event - SetFieldValue.

      Everything is working fine on saved record where as not working on "New" Record. will explain briefly:

      When I am creating "New Record" and "Tabout of respective field" will not giving the respective output.
      But getting proper output when I save the record forst and after that trying to update the "respective field"

      Error Code: (SBL-BPR-00162)--(SBL-PRM-00104)
      Error invoking service 'PRM ANI Utility Service', method 'GetProperty' at step 'Read XML'.(SBL-BPR-00162)
      Error Running Method 'Execute'.(SBL-PRM-00104)

      Looking forward your responces.

      Thank you.

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