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    error deploying jpa from oepe tutorial example on Weblogic 12c server

      I am having the next error trying to deploy jpa in to Weblogic 12c server from the oepe tutorial example at http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/jdev/obe11jdev/11/eclipse_intro/eclipse_intro.html. The "I---------I" markups are below, "bean.Hello", "hello" and "response.jsp". I've tried to find a solution on the web but nothing. I'll apreciate any help. thanks.

      greeting.jsp:1:1: Needed class "bean.Hello" is not found.
      greeting.jsp:5:44: The bean type "bean.Hello" was not found.
      <jsp:useBean id="hello" scope="page" class="bean.Hello"></jsp:useBean>
      greeting.jsp:6:23: This bean name does not exist.
      <jsp:setProperty name="hello" property="*" />
      greeting.jsp:34:18: Error in "C:\Users\Andres Tobar\workspace\DemoEARWeb\WebContent\pages\response.jsp" at line 13: This bean does not exist.
      <%@ include file="response.jsp" %>