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    pcoc file in endeca

      Hi Guys

      what is the main use of product-catalog-output config.xml in endeca

      please give me an example also
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          The product-catalog-output-config.xml file is an XML file referenced by the ProductCatalogOutputConfig Nucleus component. It was originally created for ATG Search, and in ATG 10.2 the ATG Endeca integration uses a product-sku-output-config.xml file instead (although the Nucleus component retains its original name).

          The purpose of the file is to specify how a hierarchy of repository items should be converted into records (with Endeca) or XHTML (with ATG Search). Conceptually, this is the processes of producing a flattened set of multi-value key/value pairs. With the ProductCatalogOutputConfig, these records/XHTML-docs represent either a product or sku and associated data (so may contain information about various parents and children, in order to facility search or make such data available in results).

          Note that the ProductCatalogOutputConfig and associated XML file are shipped as part of ATG.

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