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    HELP with Oracle Reports 6i - user parameters .....

      Hi, i have made a form with button in Oracle Forms 6i.
      When i press the button it fires trigger (when-button-pressed) where i declared and made parameter (:p_dep_no) which i want to sedn to report and later query report with this (:p_dep_no) ...
      In Oracle report i made this parameter under user parameter and made my SQL statemet where i included in where clause my parameter (:p_dep_no) .
      When i run oracle forms and press this button i get popup screen which asks me to enter this user parameter....

      My question is - how i can make it all automaticly ... that i didn't need to write (:p_dep_no) manualy, but report could get this parameter from oracle forms and then show me only queried report ....

      Plz help
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          Try this code:
            p_list paramlist; 
              p_list := get_parameter_list('your_list_name'); 
              if not id_null(p_list) then -- if already exists then delete it 
              end if; 
              p_list := create_parameter_list('your_list_name'); -- create new list 
             add_parameter(p_list,'PARAMETER_NAME',TEXT_PARAMETER,'PARAMETER_VALUE'); -- add parameter to the list 
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            i have similar code already wroten to button, but when i push button and report is opening, i get popup report parameter form screen and it asks me to write parameter value....

            here i have (when-button-pressed) code :
                 pl_id ParamList; 
                 pl_id := Get_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
                 IF NOT Id_Null(pl_id) THEN 
                       Destroy_Parameter_List( pl_id );
                 END IF;  
                 pl_id := Create_Parameter_List('tmpdata'); 
                 Add_Parameter(pl_id,'par_report',TEXT_PARAMETER, :registry_id); 
                 RUN_PRODUCT(REPORTS, 'C:\Oracle\DS6i\BIN\reg_atskaite_vienam.rdf',SYNCHRONOUS,runtime,FILESYSTEM,'pl_id',null);
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              Hi Raivis

              Add this line of code
              Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'NO');
              Then you will not ask for input value.

              Hope this works...


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