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    Cannot find audit intersection in HFM

      Hi all,


      more details:

      In order to install properly the audit intersection functionality, I've tried to follow the document "Single Sign-On and Drill-Back Setup from HFM into FDM" which, however, is intended for HFM 9.x.x.

      Our HFM version instead is For this reason I could not complete a specific step of the mentioned guide which is "From the HFM Web-Server you need to provide a link
      to FDM inside of the ‘Server and Web Configuration".

      I checked out both Appl and Web server and I'm not able to find such command.

      However, I was able to enable the SSO link between HFM and FDM, update the metadata with the FDMAppName, etc.

      At the end of the process, I canno find the "audit intersection" command among the possible "right-click" choices.

      Can someone help me please?
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          In this release of FDM for drill through you simply need to enable the "Use SSO" integration option and the "Enable Drill Region Load" integration option.

          This will create a extra .dat file at export/load to HFM which contains the drill region data that is then loaded to the <HFMAppName>ERPIURL and <HFMAPPNAME>_ERPI database tables in the HFM Database.  These two tables are what cause the "Drill Through to FDM" icon to show in the HFM Data Grid.

          Make sure that these integration settings are enabled and then re-run your export/load to the HFM Application.