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    Displaying images when report is requested via Webservice

    Pier van der Graaf
      As the <property name="html-image-base-uri"> doesn’t seem to exist in Oracle BI Publisher, generated graphs won't be displayed because the image path is set to "./cache9238472093487.jpg" instead of “http://servername:9704/xmlpserver/xdo/temp/cache20349823094.jpg"

      +Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher User's Guide Release


      +Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)+

      I'm curious to see if there is a solution for this problem, because if there isn't only requesting PDF or MHTML formats make sense.
      Is there a new setting replacing the html-image-base-uri property? Is there another viable way embedding Publisher reports in our ADF application?