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    can't find any other target in Em12c

      Hi gurus,

      I successfully installed EM12c on my red hat Linux, I only could add the target for EM host, however I can not add any other targets.

      I try to add database instance for monitoring via add target manually, after I entered the host name, but i got not target found. on EM host, I can ping the target I want to add and it's lisenter is also up.

      please kindly help and suggest, I am not sure if something I missed.

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          Before you add a database instance target on another server, you first need to deploy the agent to the server where the database runs.

          Go to the Setup menu, then Add Target, then Add Targets Manually. Make sure "Add Host Targets" is selected and click "Add Host". You'll have to specify the hostname and operating system and step through the deployment steps.

          See the instructions in the EM12c administrator's guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/discovery.htm

          After the agent is deployed and the host has become a managed target, you can then either add the database instance manually or use the auto-discovery features.
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            Is the host on which database instance is running added to EM?
            If not,you need to add the host first.
            In order to add a new host,install EM agent(pls note:only 12c agents are supported) on that host.
            Once host is configured,you can targets present on that host.
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              appreciate you all.

              based on your suggestions, the problem has been fixed.

              thanks again