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    Email Notification Format (OEM 9)

      I know Oracle OEM 9 is obsoleted, but I'm still needing to support a number of installations.

      I have two issues with its email alert notification facility:

      1/ The typical email it (seems to) emit looks like this:

      Name : HEL_AIX_File_System_Full
      Target Name : helbrs
      Target Type : Node
      Node Name : helbrs
      Status : WARNING

      Utilized (%)
      Utilized (%) (IBM AIX File System): Current value for /appl/sita/ibris is 80.130577.
      Jan 11 2013 02:50:56 PM

      a) I assume(d) that the 2nd occurrence of 'WARNING' is a repeat of the 'Status:' field above it.
      I.e. the status of this specific event

      b) Under some conditions I've seen a status other than 'WARNING', 'CRITICAL', or 'CLEARED'.
      I've seen:

      Name : BEY_DataBase_Down
      Target Name : i_arch_BEY
      Target Type : Database
      Node Name : beybrs

      Node UpDown
      VNI-4009 : Cannot contact agent on the node. Agent may be down or network communication to the node has failed.
      Jan 17 2013 08:11:46 AM
      Database UpDown
      Event test "Database UpDown" is cleared
      Oct 09 2012 10:42:56 AM

      so 'Status' isn't always 'Status'? Can someone explain what I can really expect?
      What the rules of operation really are, and what values I can expect in the emails?

      c) In that example above, there are actually 2 events shown. Obviously this is
      possible. but I was using the 'repeat' of the 'Status' value as the indicator
      for the 'end of the message' field (immediately above it). But that assumption
      is no longer applicable for this two event example.

      d) an alternative would be for me to assume an alert's sequence is fixed
      as a (possibly repeating) sequence of:
      - event name/type
      - event message
      - event status (sort of)
      - timestamp

      but... is the event message guaranteed to be only a single line terminated by
      a CR (so that I can 'find the status portion').
      (because all the other lines are single lines).

      [A reply by email as well as the forum posting would be appreciated.]