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    Audit Vault 10.2.3  Preserving old Audit Data

      Oracle Audit Vault 10.2.3
      IBM AIX 6.1


      I have configured audit vault for 4 databases. And the audit data is collected through DBAUD Collectors.

      I see the SYSAUX tablespace is growing quite fast. It has reached around 70 GB now. I saw the AUDIT_EVENT_FACT table in AVSYS schema is taking 46 GB of this space.

      The auditors want to preserve audit data for minimum 3 years. But it will probably take too much space.

      So my question is, How can we create archive of say, Audit Data older than 6 months. Is it possible to do so ? I read the documentation, And it only talks about purging old data. This is not feasible in my case. We want to preserve old data atleast offsite.

      Has anybody faced similar problems ? What is the average size of SYSAUX tablespace in other environments ? What is the retention period of audit data in other environments ?

      I am new to Audit Vault. So I would appreciate any hints on how to deal with this situation.