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    Gates to be skipped in NPD Module


      my client would like to avoid the GATE steps.

      He would like the Gate Keeper to give a GO - NO GO decision when all activities are completed in a certain stage.
      He would like him to enable project to move automatically from a STAGE to another.

      Would it be possible to avoid as follows:

      Team leader moves project forward from STAGE to GATE
      Gate Keeper gives the go ahead
      Project Leader/Gate Keeper moves the Project forward from GATE to next STAGE

      My client feels this procedure makes the workflow too slow and strict. Would you please explain why it is necesssary if iit cannot be changed?

      Thanks and regards
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          The stage/gate workflow is not configurable in the manner you describe.

          The basic concept is to standardize projects into a common pattern. While some templates can be used to reduce the number of stages/gates that must be managed in a given project the method for passing through gates is common.

          In 6.1 we did add extensible features to the project workflow and save. These are similar to what we have in GSM. If you can standardize the procedure you may be able to write a customization using the workflow extension.