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    Parameter not appending in OAF Page URL generated from Oracle Workflow Noti


      We have a requirement to provide URL to an OAF Page in the Workflow notification. The destination OAF Page has one parameter.

      We are generating the URL in the Workflow notification using the following value in the workflow URL/Document Attribute:

      Where PARAM_VALUE is a workflow attribute and we are receiving the Parameter Param1 in the OAF page as:
      String param1val = pageContext.getParameter("param1");

      But when workflow runs and we click on the link in Notification, we are navigated to the desired OAF page but the Param1 is NOT getting appended in the URL.
      Hence, the OAF page is opening but without any values.

      If anyone has worked on similar requirement or similar issue, please provide any pointers as it is an urgent issue to be addressed.

      Thanks in advance. Your help is highly appreciated.