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    how to load a .dmp file into oracle table

      Hello Friends,

      I have a .dmp file to be loaded into oralce table . My oracle DB is on WINDOWS . I am using sql developer [ version 3.0.04] as UI Client for DB.

      example : dataset_prop.dmp this dmp file is to be loaded into DATASET_PROP table.

      Pls advice.

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          But what's a "dmp file"? Where did it come from? What's in it? What format is it in? How/who/what created it?
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            Issue resolved .

            DMP file is created by ORACLE DBA using exportdump utility for us to create DB tables . We have to use IMP utility to create db ojbects.

            The dmp file contains table structure and the reccords to be loaded into the table.


            c:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_2\bin> imp user/pwd@dbname file=<path to .dmp file> fromuser=<user> touser=<user> tables=<table_name>


            c:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_2\bin>imp abc/abcl@pub file=C:\Users\kumar\Desktop\DATASET_RESOURCE.dmp fromuser=abc touser=abc tables=DATASET_RESOURCE


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