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    ACL Role is not working

      I have a Webcenter Content I am using OID as LDAP Provider.

      Following Kyle's blog, I activated ACL for users and it works fine : [https://blogs.oracle.com/kyle/entry/new_security_configuration_flag_ucm_ps3]

      I tried today to activate ACL for roles but it does not work [ ACL for roles|https://blogs.oracle.com/kyle/entry/access_control_lists_for_roles] :
      - I added my LDAP groups in ExternalRolesView
      - I can see them and define them for a folder
      - when a folder is defined with an ACL Role, I can't see it anymore with a user member of this role

      Any idea of what I am missing ?
      There is a dExtSource field in ExternalRolesView : should we define something in it ?

      Thanks in advance