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    TableView lazy loading

      I was under the impression that a TableView can be lazy loaded by returning an ObservableList from a Task and then using the Platform.runLater execute a Runnable to add entries to the TableView. I am finding that the table view is not refreshing and is displayed only when the list is fully populated.

      Is there a good example of lazy loading a TableView, I am using a MapValueFactory since my query will return a dynamic number of columns based on the select.
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          Please post your (executable) code.
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            I forgot to use the platform run later to populate the observable list, so my code is working properly now except for column resize base on content and/or column header text width. I also noticed that a table view does not perform well with 297 columns loaded in a list of maps. I'm using the table view to display dynamic sql results and my tables are large in columns and rows, I'm only displaying 500 rows and scrolling is not good.