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    DBA role to OGGADM user

    Rodrigo Traba
      I'm implementing Oracle GoldenGate for unidirectional repplication between two Oracle Databases 11gR2. I 'm following this OBE tutorial: "Oracle GoldenGate on Linux: Bidirectional Replication from Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 11gR2".
      I want to know if it's mandatory to assign DBA role to oggadm user. The problem is that I'll implement a many-to-one topology and some of the source databases are external to my environment, so we won't be authorized to assign the dba role for those databases.
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          You may as well grant DBA to the GoldenGate user. Treat the user like you would any other account that has the role. Or, just follow what is shown in Table 4-1 (newer releases, Table 1 or 2 in some older documentation) in the installation guide.

          Kind of got lost on the directions - one statement says unidirectional, but you are using the bidirectional tutorial.